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The Very Reverend Archimandrite Nektarios Serfes
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Today's date is Saturday, April 19

Whatever helps us to achieve purity of heart, we must follow with all our might; whatever hinders us from it, we must shun as a dangerous and hurtful thing.

- Saint Moses the Ethiopian

Not every act of prayer is prayer. Standing at home before your icons, or in Church, and verating them is not yet prayer, but the equipment of prayer. Reading prayers either by heart or from a book, or hearing someone else read them is not yet prayer, but only a tool or method for obtaining and awakening prayer. Prayer itself is the piercing of our hearts by pious feelings towards God, one after another--feelings of humility, submission, gratitude, doxology, foregiveness, heart-felt prostration, brokenness, conformity to the will of God, etc. All of our effort should be directed so that during our prayers, these feelings and feelings like them should fill our souls, so that the heart would not be empty when the lips are reading the prayers, or when the ears hear and the body bows in prostrations, but that there would be some qualitative feeling, some striving toward God. When these feelings are present, our praying is prayer, and when they are absent, it is not yet prayer.

- Saint Theophan the Recluse

True Christians, in the souls of whom Christ lives, are unable to do anything else except love all people, even enemies. The crown of our love for our friends has elements that are out of place (calculation, reciprocity, vanity, empotional weakness, passionate sympathy), while the crown of love for our enemies is pure

- Elder Porphyrios the Kapsokalivite

It is not only too much wine that besots our mind: too much water or too much of anything makes it drowsy and stupified.

- Saint John Cassian

.... just as insensibility, callousness and hardness of heart develop as a result of ease, soft living and self-indulgence, so from a way of life marked by self-control and renunciation come contrition of heart and compunction, expelling all bitterness and generating a gentle gladness.

- Saint Gregory Palamas

Let us follow our Good Master; let us shun worldly desires; let us shun the world of deceit and it's temporal ruler; let us give ourselves in purity to our Maker; let us honor our image; let us respect our call and change our lives.

- Saint Gregory the Theologian

The Blessed Virgin Mother and the Great Christ

Saint George the Great Martyr

Saint Dimitrious the Miracle Worker

Saint Michael, commander of the Army of Heaven

Saint Xenia, the holy Widow of Saint Petersburg

Saint Luke the Evangelist

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